Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gonna try some new actions!

I know! I haven't blogged in ages!
Life is busy as you well know coming up to christmas. Yesterday we went to the farm and choose the christmas tree and for the first time in three years my youngest wasn't ill, so she was able to join in with all the fun!I also was blog surfing a few weeks back and while looking at Amber Jane's blog I clicked on one of her links which too me to here : CoffeeShop Free PS/PSE blog. I was taken in by all the wonderful actions this lady is offering and am so looking forward to having a play with some of them, hopefully over christmas! So if you have a spare few minutes then do pop over and see.

Also Rusty Pickle has been having a blog hop this weekend which I was able to take part in this time but again the Chef's that have taken part have come up with some amazing creations for you! You can start the hop {HERE}

Just in case I don't get back on here before Christmas I wish you all a very fun and festive time!
Thanks for stopping by


Rita said...

Thanks so much!!! Rita

Wiccababe said...

morning missus, glad the bairn got to join in this year with the xmas tree - she's soooooooooooo like you.
will have to have a nosey at the hop later
and I will hopefully get your xmas card in the post this week

Karva said...

Beckie your are always busy!!! Dont know how you do it.
Just wanted to drop by & wish you and yours a wonderful christmas.

Unknown said...

Would love to see you at the shop, maybe I can persuade you to teach a class and do a celeb spot for me!