Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Altered Tin to Gift Box

Hello there!
Today I would like to share how I made this

Recently I needed to create a box to house some gifts I had bought for someone.  As always I couldn't find what I was looking for, until I found this tin

It was a perfect size for what I needed but of course it looked very plain! 

So it just kinda begged me to alter it!  
First of all I put a ruler along the base of the tin on one of the sides so I could use it as a guide for the {Hazel & Ruby Stencils}.

Next I took some {Kuretake Kurecolor Inks} and and added a few drops of different colours to an applicator, space the dots over the whole surface.

Gently stamp the applicator over the whole of the tin and the stencils (warning this will stain the stencils).  When it is totally dry gently remove the stencils.

To cover the inside of the tin I used the {Hazel & Ruby's Fat Roll Washi Tape} and stuck it around the edges.  It is really flexible so it was really easy to help mold it to the tin.

I then needed to make the plaque for the top of the tin.  I took some {Artiste Acrylic Paint} and painted over the black plastic and once it was dry I sealed it with Modge Podge.

I then added some stencil wording and then painted over with some more paint.

Once the paint had dried I gently removed the stencils and then cotted around the edges with a {Zig Painty Silver Pen}.

The last thing I need to do was fill it with the goodies so it was ready to give to the receiver.

I can't tell you enough how much fun and how easy these stencils from Hazel & Ruby are to use.  They just gently stick on to your projects and then can be removed and stuck back on the backing paper and then they are all ready to go again!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a lovely day

Beckie :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ruby Rock-It Tutorial

Hello everyone, each time I make this card I am asked how I did it so today I'm here to share a little tutorial on how I did it.

I have used a {Fundamentals Flourish Embossed Card}, and scored it at 8cm on the front of the card and then folded along the score line fold.

Next I lay the {Spellbinder Labels} die face down on the front of the card, making sure that it is centered along the folded score line.  I secured mine in place with low tack tape.

Place the card on your base plate for your die cutting machine with the cutting side facing up.  Lay the cutting mat over the top up to the score line.  Feed it all through the die cutting machine.  

 By placing the cutting mat over the card and die in this way means that only the part of the die with the cutting mat over it will cut as it runs through the machine.

Next I cut another label using the die I used first to cut the shape out of the card and another smaller one in {Essence East Coast} papers.

I glued the large one on to the card matching up the die cut shape and then added the smaller one in the centre.

Next I used a circle die to cut out one of the quotes from the {Essence East Coast building cards}.

I then added this to the centre of the labels and then decorated with {Fundamentals White Accents} and some {Fundamentals White Ribbon}

And there it is, how I made this simple but effective card.  Try it out using different shapes as it gives quite different effects!  Have fun and thanks for stopping by,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Daring Cardmakers - Another Dimension

Have you been following the Daring Cardmakers over the last few weeks?  There has been some amazing creations and this week is no different.

Kathy has a fantastic one this week where she is daring us to make a 3D card, here is what I made

I love making these pop up cards!  Kind of a wee bit addicted to them!
The collection I used was the {Papermania Capsule Collections Lincoln Linen}.  I also used the {Xcut Leaves Die} and the {Xcut Delicate Flourishes Embossing Folder} to add some tesxture to the base of the box before I glued it together.

There are some more amazing cards over on the {DCM blog} so please so pop on over and take a look!

Have a very Happy Easter

Beckie :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Using Hazel & Ruby's Stencil Masks On A Layout

A while ago I won some of Hazel and Ruby's stencil masks and they are just amazing!  I first saw Hazel and Ruby when CHA was in full swing and just adored what I my eyes were weeing!
When the stencil masks arrived  I was keen to have a play with them and this time I decided to use the {Central Park Alpha} stencil mask on a layout ....

The stencil masks are SO easy to use and once I started other ideas came rushing into mind so I bet it won't be long before I use them again!

To create the title I first placed my photo to the page (without gluing in place!!) to act as a guide for where I wanted the stencil masks to go.  I then added the alphabet, I overlapped some parts of the letters for an continuous feel before spritzing them with some of the Artiste Spritzing Inks.

Then came the fun reveal bit!!  I laid a paper towel over the masks and soaked up the excess from the spritz.  Next I gently removed the masks and put them back on the sheet for another day!  This is how it turned out and I really love the contrast.

I created the rest of the layout using Hazel and Ruby's {Gone Typo} collection and used the wonderful {Fat Roll Colorblock Quotes Washi Tape}, which I couldn't resist purchasing from Create and Craft when Hazel and Ruby where on there, to add some extra quotes.

I would highly recommend these products to create some fun items with!

Thanks for stopping by
Beckie :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blogging is not my strong point

But I know I should do more .....

I know I need to do more ......

But I am always busy creating things like this 

Products : Hazel and Ruby Stencils and Papers

I will try to blog more ....

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bag from Pocket Pages

Good morning everyone!  
Today I am here to share with you the rather cute Empire Bebe range, which is part of the new Essence family.  It is so gorgeous and perfect for any new little people who have recently arrived or just to create with as it is so flippin' cute.  The designs are fantastic and I have to say I was a little biased at the Kangeroo!  The soft greys, white and browns are perfect for all.
Spring is in the air and all around I can see signs of new life and it inspired me  to create a bag come wall hanging with Empire Babe for someone who is close to me and growing so fast each day.

Empire Babe Feature 1

I used the pocket pages to create the bag (though plastic, I wouldn't use this in the rain!!).  Each of the pockets hold a little snippet of this young lady growing.  I turned the pockets around so the spine was on the top.
I created each of the little layouts and put them inside the pockets before sewing them in place with a sewing machine.

Empire Babe Feature 3

The building cards with the quotes on have to be my favourite thing at the moment.  Wondering what to write on your layouts and voila you are bound to find something that would suit.

For the back page I kept it quite simple and added a 12 x 12 page into another pocket page.

Empire Babe Feature 2

I had wanted to sew the two sides together but my sewing machine was really not playing ball.  I was so frustrated as I had been thinking about it for a few days.  My DD suggested that I tied the bag together with ribbons ..... and it worked a treat.

Empire Babe Feature 5

Now I have a little bag filled with many memories of the growing little person and at the same time there she has a little bag to secure all her messages in or prehaps she may just decided to hang it on her wal!

Have a wonderful day
Beckie :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Exciting Post!

I am SO happy to be staying on the Ruby Rock-It Creative Team for another year!
I really love working with their product and am so looking forward to what is coming over this next year.
Here are the other talented ladies that will be on the team too!

And there is more, this year there is an Essence Creative Team who are going to show you all the amazing things you can do with the RRBF Essence range!  So if you are loving the pocketed style scrapbooking then do check out what these ladies will be creating

So that is my exciting news!  Hopefully I will be back more regulary sharing my work, if not you can always head over to the {Ruby Rock-It} blog where it can be seen!

Thanks for stopping by
Beckie :)