Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Party!!

The past week has been filled with dashing around and getting ready for partying this weekend. The littlest lady celebrate her special day. It really doesn't feel like 6 years since I held this wee bundle for the first time.
This weekend she has laughed, giggled, made us laugh and giggle and basically just had fun! It's been great!I also have been making sure I am all set for Olympia this week. It's all exciting!
And scrapping ... yes I have done some but can't show as they are in the magazine Ready Set Create next month. The magazine is ezine but it is great to see and they have some great calls to challenge you.
To finish here is the photo frame that I changed to hold a picture of DH in, titled 'Yum'!!! It now has pride of place in the lounge ...... and hubby is wondering when I'll put it down!?!!!! Never!! Hope your weekend was fantastic,
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Wiccababe said...

haha the wee one looks fit to burst - glad she had a great birthday. they're nae babies for long though are they?
and the frame is ace, love it. Those RP papers are growing on me the more I see how you use them

Scrappelise said...

Many, many congratulations to the little princess! :)

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

She does look a happy girl, time does fly, too fast actually! Love your frame, the colours are fab x