Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy ....

We may be living in Scotland but the girls love this day. Probably cause they were born in Ireland. DD2 was desperate to go to school dressed in green but I told her that she had to wear school uniform.
I spent ages searching up town for Patrick Days stuff but all I could find was a wee badge! Next year I will need to take a trip to Edinburgh to find something!
So we missed all the parades and hanging out down in Cork City .... and of course a pint of the black stuff. Thick and delish unlike the gnats pee that they serve here!
The picture is a snippet of a layout that is being published in Ready Set Create real soon!
Enjoy the rest of the evening

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Wiccababe said...

Have a great time at Olympia, and that awfy fancy hotel you're staying at.
gutted i can't get down - will eventually catch up with you sometime though :)