Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sun, Sea, Surf and Sandbeams

The summer holidays are such a fun but busy time. Blogging and crafting (apart from work and DT assignments) are gently sweeped to the side as my camera takes the lime light and collects all the memories for me to create with in the autumn and winter.

I am so blessed to now own a Canon 60d and am love, love, loving playing with it. We were recently down in Devon on our summer holiday and it was used heaps!

We spent hours and hours surfing and even witnessed a 'real' life airlift which was pretty amazing especially watching the helicopter land on the beach. Each night we
used the lifeguards going off duty a way of getting the girls out of the water. They would have stayed in forever!! Bit like me when I was wee!
These guys below watched endlessly as we had fun in the water and kept us safe and I for one am so grateful for all these people do. It is a worthy cause to support, thank you RNLI.

We also spent times enjoying the bucket and spade and building many a little village which were decorated with the findings on the beach.

And of course we had to finish (one) of the days with a rather yummy cream tea or in my case a cream coffee!!

I spent many of my childhood holidays in Devon and made many memories. Some of them we revisited but we also made new ones like my DD asking to play in the sand dunes

'Mummy can I play in the sand beams'

I promise there are crafty makes coming really soon!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer and a collecting a whole heap of memories

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