Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny Bunny!

After spending a great weekend catching up with friends, I came home last night and decided to do some digi scrapping with the new Rusty Pickle papers. Kathie, one of the other chefs, has already designed some cracking layouts with the papers and had even managed to use the RP transparencies. Well I tried and tried and was about to scream really loud when I emailed Kathie .... volia this morning I had the answer and hey presto here is what I made. I'm not a digi scrapper, prefer getting messy, but we really wanted to show everyone the new ranges from Rusty Pickle. This one is from the funny bunny range!I was also tagged by Clare Curd :
Now, this is an interesting and unique one! I have to go to folder 6 in my picture stash and post picture 6 in that folder, and this is the one that it turned out to be:
Folder is Rusty Pickle Retreat and the picture is of Tasha. Moi and Emily and the hat we made out of a nappy and candy land!! It was a great game honest!!Now I have to tag 5 people :
Have a great evening .... hopefully creating!


Unknown said...

SOOOOOO CUTE, BECKIE! You are rocking the digi! And I love that picture from the resort, too... that was SUCH AN AWESOME TRIP!!! Love ya!!

Wiccababe said...

I haven't tried the digi scrapping - I need to get my head around photoshop first lol
Your layout (as always) is gorgeous, I love seeing the cheeky pics of your girls.
thanks for tagging me - will have to get on that now :)

Wiccababe said...

haha, I jumped the gun a bit, didn't I?
Willow was up half a dozen times while I was trying to organise that post - the joys eh?

Sarah xx said...

Funny bunny is soooo cute! Thanks for your comment xx

Sarah Louise said...

Cant wait fro the new rusty pickle collections to hit the UK.

It was nice seeing you at elgin this weekend and thank you for some great card inspiration.

I have two diamond fold cards done already and if DH is good he may even get a card made with dangling hearts as well, lol

Keep up the good work, take care

Kate said...

Ooh that is an interesting Tag Beckie. God knows what's in my folders!!! LOL
thanks for tagging me!