Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Rusty Pickle

I was up really late last night looking through the new releases from Rusty Pickle. I so can't wait to play with these and will be doing so this weekend (the joy of digi!)
So with out further ado here they are!
Funny Bunny
Rockin America
Panama Jack
Time Captured
Rock Angel
Additions to Lucky
Chipboard (love the wings!)


Sarah xx said...

Oooh - lovely lovely stash- I want some of that Panama Jack. Know just where I can use it!! x

Clare said...

Ooh, good enough to eat. Love the Panama Jack! I've tagged you! come on over to my blog to find out more! Love, Clare x

Hils said...

I love panama Jack but what is the mental bunny thing all about! Sorry but it should be renamed Rancid Rabbits!

Melanie Marshall said...

Love the rock and timeless range.. They have my name all over them :D Love what you did with the new easter range but the rabbits are scary as hell!

Mel x