Friday, February 13, 2009


It's half term here and we have been hoping for heaps of snow! Unfortunatly it seems to have passed us by but the girls have still managed to make the weeniest snowman from the sprinkling we have had.
Yesterday though we woke up to snow flakes falling from the sky (not alot) but we grabbed the bum slides and headed up a local hill! Oh boy did we had fun, there were bits of grass showing but that didn't stop us. DH came too and thanks to his mountain skills he had taken his emergency 'warm' bag (sure there is a technical name for it) which doubled as a great sledge!
The POW over at Docrafts is this :I played with doodlebug to create this layout of my FIL skydiving for his 60th birthday! I cut out arrows and buttons to create the sense of movement. The instructions are on the DO website so you can play too, if you want!
I have also been playing with some Rusty Pickle brass knuckles making up a wee project. I will share as soon as it's finished!!
Little people to keep amused, better go
Have a great day and weekend


Wiccababe said...

you've definitely got the movement in that layout - how cool is that, sky-diving at 60?!
every time I see one of your creations, the mental crafty shopping list gets bigger:)
The kids and I are making valentines cards this afternoon, then the day itself is gonna be an afternoon at the Singing Kettle - my mum got 4 tickets, me and the 3 kids - she obviously doesn't like me very much lol

Heidi E. said...

This page is awesome.. Really gives the feeling of falling... Love the colors too.

Erika said...

Oooh these are so my colour scheme, I love the LO. Bright and beautiful....remindes me of a song!!!