Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogoversary TODAY!

Which means it's time to put up some candy for one lucky reader to win! And what better candy than my favourite Rusty Pickle line at the moment which is CANDY LAND!!! (Just incase you hadn't figured that out!! LOL)!Please excuse the lovely shadow on the photo! We've got sun today!! Here is what is up for grabs:
12 sheets of Rusty Pickle Candy Land papers perfect for all crafters!
1 set of Candy Land tags
1 Candy Land stickers sheet
4 Candy Land Alphabet Stickers in different colours
1 set of Candy Land Stamps
1 Pirate Princess Layout Kit
1 Papermanina Acrylic Album
and not shown coordinating Pickle buttons ..... Ooooo!

So to have your name put into the draw become a follower and add a comment telling me you have become a follower and what your favourite Candy is! If you are already a follower just tell me what your favourite Candy is! Oh and spread the news!

The downside is that this draw is only up for grabs from UK, Eire and Europe crafty friends! Sorry everyone else but check out the RP website as the USA chefs and Rusty Pickle themselves offer up goodies often!

Thanks for popping by and I hope that it will make someone smile in a weeks time!
Have a great day!


ally said...

mmmm fave candy has to be a cadburys twirl...although oreo cookies are high up there too x
have linked from my blog :)

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Happy Blogoversary Becky, will inform all of your candy on my blog now. xx

Sarah xx said...

Oooh lovely candy Becky, Happy Blogoversary!
Can't decide between Wispa bars, Lindt Truffles or Chocolate Oranges?
Will spread the word too

Kate said...

happy versary thingy! Have I got to pick just one candy, lol. I do love Reisen chocolate chews but I don't know where you get them from.

Erika said...

oooo candy, it's a tough decision to make...I have a sweet tooth and love all..but as I must choose my favourite would be...a good old fashioned bar of cadbury's dairy milk...sorry to all you American's out there...I just think cadbury's do it better!!

Kat said...

Congrats on your Blogoversary! I have such a sweet tooth that this is very difficult. I think one of my most faves is Green and Blacks chocolate with Ginger. Yummy!!

Kat x

Mrsjobee said...

Gorgeous candy. Now a favourite candy is hard - I could say almost every sort of chocolate - but if I have to pick one it would have to be Galaxy.

Diane said...

Ooh that is a really hard choice - my favourite candy would have to be Yorkie raisin and biscuit but I am with Erika in that Cadbury's is the best chocolate ever x

Anonymous said...

What a great prize and a great way to celebrate your Blogoversary Beckie !!! Honestly it has raining so much this summer - that those candy land papers would really brighten it up here for me !!!
Joanne xxxx

Lia said...

Happy Blogoversary Becky...hmmmm favourite candy is Wine gums but they have to be Maynards.

Julie M said...

Happy Blogoversary, Beckie. My favourite candy - hmmmm - I'm a bit of a non-sweetie-eater really, but if forced to, I'll eat Mint Aero!!


humel said...

Hello - Ally's blog pointed me to your blog :-) I'm now a faithful follower ;-) Candy? How am I supposed to choose?? Depends on my mood, but at the moment it's probably Co-op's Fairtrade dark chocolate. Mmm...

Kate said...

Saw your LO in the post above on the docrafts newsletter it's fab O love it!
Mmmmm as far as candy is concerned gosh so hard to choose atm it's probably Mistrels I love them!!!

Michelle said...

belated happy blogoversary.. favourite candy.. hmmm i think there are too many to choose from: Wispa's are pretty yummy or any kind of fruit cream, but i think my ulitmate fav has to be Tablet... mmm esp home made :-)

minerva said...

happy blogoversary - I'm a big fan of fudge but I used to love caramacs - have not seen one in years.
I adore your Buster LO, it's so delightful