Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fluffy Cloud

I have been sitting and surfing through some blogs! One of my daily visits are too Debs blog which is filled with the most amazing cards. I noticed she had a word cloud up by Worldle and thought I would give it a go. So here is my blog summed up in a cloud :

Wordle: piglet1

You can see what I talk about most!!
I also noticed that Debs is having a blogerversary and it made me think when the heck did I start mine ... well I can't quite believe that I wrote my first post nearly 3 years ago!! So needless to say I feel I need to celebrate in blog style and yep, there will be some blog candy up for grabs! I just need to go and rummage but you can be sure there will be some Rusty Pickle in there!
Hope you have a fab weekend, I'm hoping the rain will stop!


Wiccababe said...

well the rain has stopped here and its now glorious

erm you wouldn't happen to mention Rsuty Pickle now and again would you?? lol

have a great weekend missus

Heidi E. said...

Love the wordoodle.. I need to do one

Anonymous said...

Hi Beckie, just stopping in to say hi *waving madly from Oz* I luuuurve Wordle, I do mine very month and yes, it is so interesting to see what we talk about most. So wish I was coming to retreat, sounds soooooo exciting, I can only dream......