Thursday, September 10, 2009


Phew! How busy have I been but it is all good and TBH I work well when I am busy. The autumn months are aways busy for Hubby and I with heaps of planning, celebrating and adventures!
At the beginning of this month the Rusty Pickle Sketch Challenge went live on the RP blog and it was all about FUN! I used a picture that my SIL took of DH and I on 'The Drop' down at Hayling Island .... now this was scary fun and a whole heap or a least one very loud swear word shouted from my lips! Don't think I'll be doing it again!

Yesterday I became a working mum and joined the hosts of business people at Edinburgh airport travelling to meetings, work and for me a wee project which is all I can say for now! The airport was hustling and I had not had my morning coffee so I plodded in but within two seconds of walking through the door I was hit by what can only be discribed as pure grossness! EW! Do men REALLY need to bath in aftershave! Blah! It was SO strong I had to refrain from barfing every where! And on top of that I could see no sexy male model in jeans with no top on because that is what aftershave is about isn't it!??!!! LMAO!
Oh JO are you there??? I still need your addy to send you the Rusty Pickle goodness you one in a few posts below!

Have a great day!


Erika said...

Great LO Beckie and can't wait to hear your news. As for men in aftershave I had a boyfriend like that and you could smell him walk up the street!!
I'm with you that too much has the opposite effect...but still like the idea of Mr Diet Coke appearing just in his jeans...he'd have just enough hint of aftershave..super sexy!! LOL.

Sarah Louise said...

oh secrets beckie, no fair, lol

Kate said...

Love the LO Beckie! Gosh that ride looks scary!!

Check out my blog i think you'll like what's there ;-)