Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andy Does Do!

I still have to find out who steals all the precious time in the day?? No sooner does the alarm go off telling me that it is time to wake up than I am putting the PJ's back on to head to bed. With a lot of work to do this is not a good thing!
Over the weekend I was back in Ireland and loving every minute of it and consuming way to much Guiness (it is SO much better over there!). The demos were fantastic and the ladies and I all had a really good time. I took a class which was sponsered by Mandels Art supplies and did some silk printing. I was really surprised that it came out so well, not what was being taught but realising that I could actually do it and mix the colours!! Ireland is such a fantastic place and it is filled with such lovely people. Thanks to everyone who made my weekend demoing such fun.
This weekend just past, UKS had one of their amazing cyper crops and I was asked to do a class for it. I decided on doing another frame but to keep it a bit simpler. There were so many beautiful takes on the class that I enjoyed looking at them all. Here was the class project :

I am busy working on new demos and for the next issue of Creativity! magazine and at the moment I am playing with something really 'sweet', and I think you'll love it, but for now I need to keep quiet. In issue 20 I made a scrapbook layout using a single photo but multiplying it so, this is what I came up with using the Papermania Capsule collection :

Well I'd better get back to it,
Oh yes over the weekend I may just put up a little blog candy so please do check back


Sabrina said...

That Easter Chocolate Queen LO is fab!! I love the way you did the photos in a sort of pop-art style but a bit more subdued and realistic.
I thought the UK Guinness was improving a bit, no?

Heidi E. said...

Love the title of family masterpiece.. and wow your chocolate queen LO is fabulous.. Agree about the Guiness.. Just know that over there period is way better than over here :)hmmm might have to have me some this evening, but with every sip I would be dreaming I was drinking one from one of the taps over there :)

Jan said...

Hey Beckie. Some lovely LO's. just saw over on creative scrappers youwon a prize. Yaaay for you. Hi to the girls, Jan

Wiccababe said...

my god, I don't know how you fit it all in - I'm knackered just reading about it :)
stunning card and album, you are a huge inspiration to me Beckie