Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birtday!!

Can you imagine the huge sigh I let out when I was looking at this photo of a card I made recently and saw how I had written the greeting ..... 'Happy Birtday'!! And yep I sent it like that and only realised afterwards .... I think there is a moral to this story!! So has any one else written this on a card?? I know I have, and a few times too!! My eyes see the 'h' yet it is mearly a ghostly figure!!

This card is made with the Sew Cute collection from My Little Shoebox. I used the tape measure as an age gauge and added a letter 'o' from the glitter alphabet sheets to the age of the person it was made for. My Little Shoebox papers and goodies really set your imagination whurring and you can create some fun little things on your projects.
Hope you enjoyed the MLS blog hop and all the amazing talent from all of the DT members of 2010. Will be fun to see who is in the new DT which is going to be announced on the MLS Blog on 31st March! Exciting!
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Phill.M.Martin said...

Love the card! and yes, I have missed the 't' from birthday before! not the h, but the t lol

Did the recipient mention it?


Kate said...

Take comfort in the fact that you are so not alone! 'tis a most wonderful card all the same & frankly the h would have ruined the balance! Are you convinced? lol! x

Claire Phillips said...

Mmmm Becky - I managed to miss a letter out of the name of one of my friends kids cards recently - so been there and done it - so frustrating! Great card though - Cheers Claire x

Jenny Marples said...

I wouldn't have cared about dropping an h if I'd received such a beautiful card. Anyway, I saw a programme once about the way persian rugs are made, and the women deliberately include a mistake in every one... I've had to fall back on that on so many occasions!