Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fishing Can Be Fun

As I grew up one of my memories was watching my brothers pack up their fishing gear and head down to the river. They used to spend hours down there and all I could think was how boring it must have been! So when I went to Australia it didn't surprise me to see that one of my brothers was always off fishing.
The thing is my DD's caught the bug too .... my passion though is not sitting with wellies up to my ears and stinking of fish but it is capturing memories on my camera. This is why I love this picture of my family out fishing in Oz.

The City By The Sea collection from My Little Shoebox was just perfect for this layout as we were fishing in a small bar that was surrounded by a town. I cut out the inner circle from the scalloped paper so the blue patterned paper could be seen. I used the wee alphabets for a subtitle and the beautiful glitter stickers made the perfect title. I used a mixture of trees and houses cut from the paper along with some of the card stock stickers to create some 3d embellishments.
So does this make you want to grab and rod and head down the beach??
I think I could be persuaded to try fishing again ... especially if we had constant blue skies and clear blue seas so I could see if I had caught seaweed and wouldn't need to embarrass myself by thinking it was a fish as I could see it!!
Hope you have a fab day


Alison said...

Love this LO..the colours are fab!

Gill McCall said...

What a great page. I dont have patience for fishing and even if i did all id catch would be a cold !!