Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tatty Ted's Little Shoebox

It's been a house full of partying this weekend as my eldest had her birthday party. This year she liked the look of a cake from the local supermarket but when I went to get it (as time was running out) the icing on it looked like it had been there for ages so I dashed around to the baking section and picked up all the ingredients to make it myself! Here is my take on the cake!!

We sure had loads of fun and nails being painted. Girlie parties are something quiet different for me having being bought up with brothers! My nails were always filled with dirt from climbing up the trees!

You would think my dd's would be sick of the site of my cards but they still love it when I make them a card for their birthday and weeks before I get little requests of things they like on it! Funnily enough for both of them this year it was Tatty Ted, the loveable grey ball of fluff!

I decided to have a bit of fun and mix together the two companies I work for .... Do Crafts and My Little Shoebox. I used the Tatty Ted decoupage from DO and the Heartfelt collection from My Little Shoebox to create the card. It coordinated so well! Love it!
Hmmm I wonder what else I could create mixing the two again!?
Hope you have a great day


Claire Phillips said...

What a yummy cake - sounds like you had loads of fun! Love the card ....really cute! Cheers Claire x

LisaG said...

What a lovely card Beckie! Love it! Especially with Tatty poking his head round the corner! Was he a present too?

Great that you could mix and match your suppliers too!

Well done!

Lise xx