Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Nice and Clean!

The time came the other day when I could no longer get to my craft desk without tripping over something! I decided that enough was enough and it was time to tidy up. I would have taken a picture of 'the before' if I could have found my camera!!
So here is where I create, I am so blessed to have my own
wee space and also to have an amazing hubby who builds all my storage for me!

Needless to say if I took my camera in to the room now, it looks nothing like this!!

I will leave you another release from My Little Shoebox and boy is it fun! This is Destination!

I am really excited about this line and really can't wait to play with it! My mind is running over time with that wee boat!!!
What do you think???


LisaG said...

Wow, great craft room Beckie! Hope it stays that way! Great that you have a window right next to your desk! Strategically placed desk!

I don't have a craft room as such, I have my bedroom! Used to have lots of stuff on my desk, but now I tidy everything away once I'm finished crafting for the a good girl! ha!! Must try and get some photos up!

See you on Friday night. Do you know I'm your taxi driver?!

Lisa xx

Ger said...

Your craft room looks fab, I'm jealous! Love the MLS range. Ger x.

Gill McCall said...

LOVE IT. aint it amazing how we never keep it tidy. after about 5 days of my tidy up it was back being a bomb site again - i think we all just need more space - in fact why not a whole house for craft ! would be nice eh.