Wednesday, October 31, 2012

*** BOO ***

I do love Autumn and pumpkins (I think my obsession with Starbucks pumpkin spice latte may have given that away!) 

I see so many of my US friends posting beautiful pictures of little people in the pumpkin patches, how I wish we had one near here.  Still I will make do with these little pumpkins from Doodlebug.  They are on the bottom of this card!

I adore their gappy mouths and big smiles.  For some bizarre reason they make me giggle ... a lot!

I used the Xcut Birdcage to create this card and used the Haunted Manor collection from Doodlebug.  
The owl paper at the back is brilliant for backgrounds but as you can see I snipped some of the owls out to use on the border.

Using this range from Doodlebug I also made a 'Trick or Treat' basket.  I started watching Martha Stewarts video on how to make a paper pumpkin but half way through turned it into a basket.  Kinda went off piste a bit!!

Thanks for stopping by
Beckie :)


hyper_ni said...

Super projects, I love the basket, it's so cute, I'd like to make a Christmas one to put on the table with chocolates in! :) x

Monique Liedtke said...

Awesome Beckie!!

libbym said...

Beautiful as always Becky! I so miss you! I sure wish there was another retreat for that Starbucks stop! Hugs!!!

Shona Hamill said...

Wow, super projects, I especially love the pumpkin turned basket! Shona xx