Thursday, February 06, 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Round 1

A while back I noticed on Jane Dean's facebook page that she had entered a competition and was looking for fellow UK'ers to join her.  Being curious I took a look at this new competition and decided to sign up!  There are weekly challenges and your are up against scrappers from all over the world!  Such awesome creations have already been submitted on the forum and I am totally wowed by them all!
Last week the first challenge was posted and here is what we were challenged to do ....

Scrapbooking: 1000 steps from home

Make a double layout or double mixed media project that shows where your live. 
But it all has to be within 1000 steps from your home!!!!

- You can not use any spray inkts!
- You will have to use at least 3 photos on your project (scrapbooking and mixed media!!)
- You will have to add a visible journaling of at least 50 words

Woah! A double layout!  Now that is a huge challenge in it's self!  I am a single page scrapper and this was really going to push out my creativity boat ..... but I loved creating this layout

Products Used : Papermania Madame Payraud, Artiste Paints, Kuretake Pens

When the snow {finally} decided to visit our home, we were all so excited!  I wanted to use the kraft background to create this layout.  This way I could have some fun with acrylic paint.  On the right side of the layout I used some sequin waste to act as a mask and used my fingers to apply the paint over it.  

Then came the messy fun!  I dipped some twine into the paint and covered it before laying it randomly on the background.  I loved the swirly effect it gave, a symbol of the wind which came with the snow!

Then I noticed there was a card making challenge too .....

Make a ATC card where Home is the theme. (ATC size = 2.5x3.5 inches or 64x89 mm)
It can be anything you want. It can be a welcome home card, a card about moving, a card with any quote on being/feeling at home or use the shape of a house.

- There hase to be a title/quote/wish on the card
- You can not use any spray inkts or flowers
- You can not use any kind of cutting machine
- You can not use any image with a house on it (that is a challenge huh!!!)

and here is what I made

Just LOVE this quote and really it says it all

Today I have been making stories in my home and having a heap of messy creative fun.

Thanks for stopping by

Beckie :) 


Anonymous said...

Wowza Beckie, this is the first time that I've come visiting to your blog [from the tournament I've popped in], I love your layout for it ... and I'll agree that a double layout is definitely a challenge, and one that you did so well!!! I love the photos, the way you've used your paint ... it all just gels together so well ... and your ATC card is lovely too!!! Good luck! I hope to see more of your work!!!

elina said...

this is soooooooooo beautiful!!! love the circles love the pom poms!!!
good luck with the tournament!