Friday, September 18, 2015

Remember To Wake Up

Each school morning we are always asking what the time is.  Have we enough time to have another coffee or grab some more breakfast.  
My daughter had decorated her room and needed a clock to help her know the time as she got ready in the morning!

I was inspired by the colours and theme she had chosen and the Memories Mini Theme fitted in just perfectly.  The clock started life very plain and I sanded it down before I decorate the outside covering it in the papers.

Products Used :

Around the edges of the front I added some of the Fabric Trim from the Fundamentals range.  This softened the edges of the clock.  
The little wood veneer numbers fitted perfectly around the clock face and I love the mix with the Roman numerals.

The die cut packs in the mini themes have soooo many create things that can be used so I decorated the bottom of the clock with them.  I used the flower and butterfly on the pendulum inside the glass so it looks like it is flying when it ticks!

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