Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Hello everyone!

Recently I found a different style of card to have a try at and I just love it! The star effect card is such a easy card to make but looks simply stunning!  I couldn't resist making a male card using the Bella! Superhero mini collection.  The 'Pow's and Wow's' are going to 'POP' with this card!

Here is how I made the card.  
First I cut a piece of card and paper to measure 8 x 7 inches.  I used the Superhero Splat paper for this card.

Fold the card in half , along the longer edge.  Use a tool to make sure you have a good crease.

Open the card stock and cut from the centre to the bottom right.  
Repeat on the other side and then with the patterned paper.

Glue patterned paper the pieces on to the green card stock.  If you want a border trim a small amount off the patterned paper.  On the large triangle I flipped the paper so you can see the 'super hero's'.  I cut the large patterned triangle down the centre before gluing it to the green card.

Fold the triangle in half and the bottom edge of the triangle measure up and mark at 2 inches.

Next place the card on to a cutting mat with the bottom edge on one of the measuring lines. Then place the mark in line with one of the straight lines.  Cut down a 3/4 inch through all four layers.

Over lap the two other triangles so they look like this.  Secure them in the center with glue.

To make the card up you simply insert the two triangles in to the slots, cut earlier.  The picture below shows how it should look

Next I cut a range of words and pictures from the Superhero Collage and Jigsaw papers.

Glue your choosen cut outs on to the star.

Once you are happy with the arrangement, assemble your card and 'Pow' there you have it!

I hope you are inspired to have a go at this fun card.  It can be adapted for any occasion.

Products Used

Green Card
Black Pen

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