Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Woah again time is just rushing by! I was lying here this morning and thinking that we are about to enter the 5th month .... that's nearly half a year! I so wish time would slow down, but am aiming to make the most of each moment. Like I'm sure my mum felt when I said the same thing to her but I feel so sad when my kids say 'Wish I was big' or other such things because I would SO love to be their age again!! How do we get it through to them??

Any ways I have a few deadlines looming for Do Crafts and Rusty Pickle but as I'm sitting here before the mad school rush (and Davina's DVD!) with a cup of coffee, I thought I'd just come and update with this layoutI did this for Clare when she was on QVC a while back. The papers are papermanias scrumptious range!
Well I am down to the bottom of my coffee cup so had better get going!
Have a great day!


Wiccababe said...

thats so pretty - have only used those papers on cards - but I can see how well they work on a layout now, will have to give that a try. Have so been neglecting my scrapbooking since I discovered I have a reubber fetish (stamps, you uinderstand not that other kind *snigger*)
you have a good day too quine xxx

Dawn Gallop🐝 said...

Oh Becky...How Sweet is right!!! Adorable!! Thanks so much for making me smile!! Loved your comment and for stopping by my blog!! Have a GREAT week!!! Hugs,Dawn :)

Ana Baird said...

great picture and layout Beckie!

Heidi E. said...

Simple beautiful.. Love the layout and picture..

eva birdthistle said...

Love it!