Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was suppose to be cleaning the craft room tonight after a few days of crafting some projects for Clare Curd and QVC, the floor is covered in paper, gems and everything else where I just seemed to dump stuff as I went. But I kinda sat on the couch and relaxed!
I had a box today from Scrapbook Inspirations with some layouts return which were published in Aprils magazine.
The first one was the readers challenge and I scrapped a picture of my parents on their wedding day. Everytime I look at this picture I have a wee giggle. Mum wore the most skinnest, figure hugging dress where I wore the cinderella dress! I used Rusty Pickles Princess Bride papers which were perfect for the photo.

This next layout has to be my favourite so far in 2009! I picked up one of my fav lines from Rusty Pickle, Island summer and the fun pictures I took of DD2 back in the summer! I just love how it turned out!I also worked on something which is to be published in June which saw me raking through baby pictures of the girls which made me feel all squishy inside. They grow up so fast and each moment with them is precious.
Life is short, grab those precious moments and have FUN!


Wiccababe said...

I have a sub to that mag, and I have noticed you've been published quite a lot lately - woohoo, I have a famous friend :)

I have jobs to do today - but I like the sound of sitting on the couch and relaxing better

And I know what you mean - they grow up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too quickly - Willow starts school in August

Heidi E. said...

I love how you worked the title. Your work is always beautiful.. Hope you are doing good. Been working the Mesa show with Brenda and having a blast.

Ana Baird said...

I remembered seen your parents wedding layout on the mag. Both layouts are stunning Beckie! Have a lovely weekend!

Kathie said...

Amazing work as always my friend!

Kate said...

Hi Beckie,
Check out my bog i think you'll like my post ;-)