Monday, September 16, 2013

Daring Cardmakers - Signature Style

Good morning, can't say frosty morning, but it's not far off!!  Hope you had a great weekend.

Today I am here to share my card that I made for Friday's dare over at {Daring Cardmaker's.}  Lythan challenged us to make a card which had our 'signature style' on it.  I honestly found this one of the hardest dares to do.  I've never really thought about what made my style 'me'. Seriously do I really have a style?  I think mine changes with my mood and what I'd like to try out!

Anyhoos that is plenty of waffle for a Monday morning!! Here is the card that I made

Products Used : Lemon Owl's Attic Door, Xcut Medium Palm Punch - Heart

I think these are so my colours and I love the rustic feel and Oh look ... a circle!!

Have a great day and hope I've left you wondering what is {YOUR} style!?  Why not give the dare a try!

Beckie :)


Lythan said...

Fab card Beckie. I agree that they are your colours. And you also have the knack of putting loads of different things together in a way that doesn't look cluttered and really works well :)

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

I agree with Lythan - your style is definitely the ability to put lots of fabulous bits and bobs together in a way that works. Not an easy thing to do, but you always pull it off!