Friday, January 01, 2016

Organised New Year


Are you like me at the beginning of a new year, promise that this year you are going to be more organised??

Well this year I thought I would make a start and decided to make a birthday book to store all my cards in.

Products Used :
RRBF Flowers

I made the book by using some paper food bags.  I trimmed down the bag to the size I wanted and then decorated the outside of each one.  Once bundled together the inside of the bag will be a pocket for birthday cards that I have made for each person whose birthday is in that month.

I also added a calendar to the front so that you can add names into each date.
The Year in Review collection has a ready made calendar sticker set in which made adding the months to each of the pockets.

Can you spot the mistake??  Really need to redo it!!

I hope I have inspired you to start on the new you!!  I'm hoping to keep this filled and cards posted on time .... well I am going to try!

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Happy New Year

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